1-on-1 Help

We can assist with all sorts of things to make life easier, including:

  • Identification (eg birth certificate replacement)
  • Housing applications & apartment searches
  • Résumé writing
  • Post secondary school applications
  • OSAP applications
  • OW applications
  • Transportation

Staff are available for 1-on-1 meetings on Wednesdays between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Just call us at 226-674-0006 to make an appointment.



The Windsor Youth Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 5:00pm-10:00pm. There is a lot available during this time which includes: dinner (served at 6:30pm every night), take away food and hygiene products, access to laundry facilities, access to computers, friendly staff and volunteers to talk with, games, and a variety of other programming. See below for a weekly break down of the different programs and be sure to check our Facebook page for more information regarding times.

Monday: Poetry
Tuesday:  Generation WYC 1-3pm
Wednesday: All4U 5pm-6:30pm
Thursday: Arts
Up2U & Gay Straight Alliance
Saturday: Movie Night

Equipped for Student Success (ESS)

Thanks again to The Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation and Jack Zekelman for supporting ESS, an innovative program that provides funding support to those who qualify. ESS provides everything from bus passes to books to groceries for students struggling to make it own their own. Donations are needed to ensure ongoing success for our WYC students. 

Download the 2016 ESS Report


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Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

13895302 1048888065146578 4966799133256002095 nOur Gender and Sexualities Alliance is a safe space to connect, listen, laugh, meet new friends and be proud to be yourself. 

Fridays: 7:30pm

Generation WYC

GenerationWYC R2

Generation WYC is a group of new and expectant parents who get together once a week to provide each other fun and support!

Hot lunch...access to grocery supplements such as milk and eggs...help finding the baby items you need...referrals to other services for housing, employment, education, and parenting.

Generation WYC is free to all...just drop in!

Every Tuesday afternoon 1:00 - 3:00pm


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The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation

Our Voices

The Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation Studio offers opportunities for creative expression in all the arts!  Stay tuned to our social media pages for information about workshops and visiting artists. 
Creative activities and crafts are available:
  • daily at our 5pm - 10pm drop-in
  • Thursday evenings in our art workshop in the main building
  • Wednesday evenings during All4U 5-6:30pm
  • Friday afternoons at 2:30


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Peer Outreach

Find awesome WYC staff at Honourable W.C. Kennedy Collegiate every Wednesday and Friday at lunch time. There's snacks, games, and support available. During the summer months when school's out, please follow us on social media to find out where will be in the community.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Teaching Garden

Sit in the shade, get your hands in the dirt, pick fresh vegetables...there's a world of opportunity available in our teaching garden. Youth learn how to grow their own food for healthier bodies and minds. The fenced-in garden offers safe green space for our Generation WYC toddlers and parents and everyone enjoys the barbeque!



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The Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation Studio

The Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation Studio offers opportunities for creative expression in all art forms! There are a variety of workshops which include everything from art to improv to break dancing.

InTakeAn original song recorded by WYC participants.  This was the theme song from our 2015 social justice play.
AnywhereButHereAn original song recorded by WYC participants.  This was the theme song from our 2016 social justice play.


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The WYC Video Series

The Windsor Youth Centre is collaborating with filmmakers Jendo Shabo and Steven Agoubi of MoonJump Productions to produce a series of videos that tackle and bring attention to the issues facing homeless youth in a bold and non-traditional way. The videos tell the stories of why and how kids end up on the streets and what they have to deal with while there. The videos are authentic and powerful and are based on real-life experiences and stories, directly from the youth we serve.  Every day, the WYC helps and support homeless youth. For them, the WYC is safety and light at the end of a terrifying tunnel.

Sponsored by

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Up2U is a relapse support group that focuses on goal setting, conversation and art therapy activities. Up2U meets every week. Our goal is to provide support and resources for those struggling with relapse with the aim to foster positive change and growth.

Wednesdays: 7:30 - 9:00pm
Fridays: 2:30 - 4:30pm

For more information, be sure to check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/WindsorYouthCentre.

Download the 2016 Up2U Report


Supported by The Morris and Beverly Baker Foundation


What is Home?

This project, What is Home?, documents resilience — not only of our youth, but also of an inherent determination to discover, or recover, the comfort and safety that represents home. What is Home? respects the honest and often oppressive realities of our current situations. At the same time, it proves that as long as we allow ourselves to dream, current situations need not determine future ones. What is Home? is the collaborative effort of members of the WYC community: youth, staff, volunteers, members of the board and artist friends.

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Without any ongoing government funding, we depend on your generosity to continue our work. For more information on how you can help in any number of ways, please follow the link below.

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The Windsor Youth Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 5pm until 10pm. We're closed on Sundays.

Windsor Youth Centre

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