Harley winner thrilled with his new wheels

Kelley Steele, The Windsor Star

harley davidson lotteryRandall Campbell of Windsor sits atop the Harley-Davidson he won in the Windsor Youth Centre’s Harley-Davidson lottery. DAN JANISSE / WINDSOR STAR

Randall Campbell had plenty to celebrate New Year’s Eve. 

Campbell was getting ready to ring in the new year when he received a phone call at 11:30 p.m congratulating him on winning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 

“It was just a total surprise,” he said. “I thought it was just some friends in Windsor having fun with me.”

When the news settled in, Campbell realized that one of the three $20 tickets he bought for the Windsor Youth Centre fundraiser had been pulled in the draw. Campbell was the winner of a black 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King, valued at $25,000 from Thunder Road Harley-Davidson in Windsor. 

“This is friggin’ awesome,” Campbell said, sitting on his new ride. “But I’ve never been on a bike this big before — I’ve only been on little scooters.”

Tamara Kowalski, executive director of the youth centre, said the fundraiser was “a huge success” with more than $35,000 raised — over and above the cost of the bike. Tickets were sold from May until December and the bike was displayed during various events around Essex County. Kowalski said the centre is always looking for different ways to bring in revenue since it doesn’t receive core funding or ongoing government support.

“This is unique and I think it represents the WYC,” she said. “There’s this stereotype that goes along with motorcycles — of rebel without a cause — and that’s the stereotype that a lot of our youths struggle with and so we decided to just embrace that and it really worked.”

Campbell is not sure if he’ll take lessons so he can take his new ride out on the open road. He admits he bought the ticket more to support WYC and didn’t really think about winning the bike. 

“I just wanted to support Windsor Youth Centre. It’s a great local charity,” he said. “I never expected to win. You buy a lottery ticket and you don’t know where the money goes but with this you buy a ticket and it’s helping all the local kids.

“And I guess the bonus is I won a new Harley.”

Since 2011, the Windsor Youth Centre, at 1247 Wyandotte St. E., has been providing a safe refuge for homeless and at-risk youth. The centre helps about 50 homeless youths a day.

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