2018 WYC Spring Newsletter

spring2018 newsletter web 1The 2018 Spring Newsletter is out!  Click on the image at left to download the PDF.

CTV Covers WYC Video Series

CTV Windsor covered the launch of our first video in the 13-part series on Youth Homelessness. You can view the video by clicking on the image below.

CTVClick the image above to view the video on CTV Windsor's website.

Hard-hitting video series highlights local youth homelessness

Dave Waddell, Windsor Star

Stiven Agoubi, left, and Jendo Shabo produced hard-hitting videos for the Windsor Youth Centre. The partners in Moonjump filmed and edited the videos that highlight the crisis of youth homelessness. They are shown in the Windsor Star News Cafe on Monday, November 27, 2017, where a press conference was held to launch the video campaign. DAN JANISSE / WINDSOR STAR

Jendo Shabo and Stiven Agoubi feel good about the ability of their 30-second ads to make you cry.

Youth homelessness is ugly and the two local video producers, in partnership the Windsor Youth Centre, hope by stirring up emotions, it will spur action to address a problem too easily ignored.

“We showed it to a few people and they cried,” said Shabo of the first ad highlighting the most common cause of youth homelessness — parental abuse. “We knew it worked then.”

Blunt videos to show true face of youth homelessness in Windsor

CBC News

Series of videos by the Windsor Youth Centre tells stories of youth homelessness by the people affected

Business owners say homeless people often sleep outside of their store and they worry customers won't find it appealing. (Dillon Hodgin/CBC)

A Windsor youth organization is aiming to "explode the stereotypes" about homeless young people in the city, by allowing them to share their own stories of how they ended up on the street. 

The Windsor Youth Centre will release thirteen 30-second videos over the next year that tell the completely unvarnished stories of how some kids end up homeless. The first of which will be released on Monday. 

2016 WYC Evaluation Report

This report describes the survey results of the Windsor Youth Centre (WYC) program activities. The final program evaluation report will include these results in addition to results from future focus groups and an art-based display/portrayal. 

Program Description

The Windsor Youth Centre (WYC) is a non-profit organization serving youth aged 16-25 in Windsor-Essex, Ontario. The mission of the WYC is to serve the basic and immediate needs of homeless and at-risk youth by providing a safe and friendly atmosphere to foster positive change and growth. The WYC operates under the guidelines of sincerity and service in order to generate feelings of trust, responsibility, and community membership between the staff, volunteers, and homeless youth. Based on a Freirean model of effecting positive social change and personal liberation (Freire, 1985), the WYC employs the three aspects of praxis (theory, action, and reflection) with a vision toward social justice in order to prevent and ultimately end youth homelessness. Homelessness can happen to anyone and it can be attributed to a number of factors including abuse, loss of employment, unmanageable living expenses, and/ or mental health or addiction problems. Youth homelessness can also be a hidden issue since many at-risk and homeless youth sometimes stay with friends or relatives (i.e., sleeping rough or couch surfing). Although these youth are not necessarily sleeping on the street or in shelters, their housing situations are unstable, unsustainable, and precarious. This homeless youth population is the demographic the WYC targets.

2017 WYC Summer Newsletter

Windsor Youth Centre Summer 2017 NewsletterThe 2017 Summer Newsletter is out!  Click on the image at left to download the PDF.

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