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Windsor, ON – Young artist ‘sells’ Peace and defies the stereotype of youth who attend the Windsor Youth Centre (WYC).  Shaneé Dennis invites the public to a debut exhibit of her original Peace Flags.  The Peace Flags will be displayed at the WYC’s main building and in the Stephanie and Barry Zekelman Foundation Studio.  Each flag is like a little piece of peace; hence the show is called Peace in Pieces.

The exhibit opens on Wednesday, May 17th at 11am and the media is invited to come and meet the artist and her special guests, including WYC executive director, Tamara Kowalska.  

Dennis chose the WYC as the venue for her first show because WYC “is like a second home to me and I want people to experience the environment that I love to be in.”  Dennis started attending the WYC when it opened in 2011 and says she has grown and developed there over the years.  Her artwork is testimony to that personal growth.

Artist’s statement:  “I want to set an example that we can transmit peace out into the world and it will come back to us.”

Fifteen hand-drawn Peace Flags will be on display and available for purchase.  Also available are Dennis’ original book marks. 

Peace in Pieces

an exhibition by Shaneé Dennis
at the Windsor Youth Centre< br /> 1247 Wyandotte Street East

Wednesday, May 17 11am-1pm
Thursday, May 18 5pm-7pm
Friday, May 19 11am-1pm
Saturday, May 20 5pm-7pm


Shaneé Dennis
Peace Flag Artist
[email protected]

Tamara Kowalska
WYC Executive Director
[email protected]


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