Members of the WYC board of directors model active cooperation. Decisions are made by concensus so that all members are engaged in producive communication. The WYC is a policy board, governing with the best interests of the youth at the heart of every decision. Interested youth members are welcome to participate as voting board members.

Arthur Barbut

Arthur Barbut is the managing director of the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator where he advises start-ups and small businesses on the multiple facets of starting and growing a business,  enabling clients to realize their full potential as entrepreneurs. Barbut is in the process of completing his doctorate studies in business, with a focus on entrepreneurship. He has a passion for creating  opportunities from challenges, and uniting people in a common cause. Arthur lives in Windsor with his wife Deanna and their two boys Victor and Alexander.

Malerie Giron

Malerie Giron is a mother of two beautiful boys and has actively participated in the the WY C's parenting group, Generation WYC, both as a parent and a volunteer since its inception in April 2014. Giron's husband introduced her to the WYC in the early days of the organization and they both have been mainstays ever since, with Giron joining the board of directors in 2014.

Jessie Passa

After travell_ing throughout Europe and Central America, Jessie Passa moved to Calgary where she lived for five years before returning to Essex County and the small town lifestyle she missed. Family is her priority. She loves spending as much time as possible with her three nephews when she's not working administration at the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. Passa enjoys scuba diving, reading and gardening, as well as cooking with her fiancé at their home in Lakeshore. Passa began volunteering at the WYC in April 2014 and joined the board of directors in January 2016.

Cassandra Richardson

Cassandra Richardson has worked in the immigrant settlement services in Windsor,Ontario for almost a decade. She manages youth, women and mental health programs and services at Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women though she is still a child at heart. The youth program she manages includes vibrant and passionate artists who help empower, engage and mobilize young immigrants and refugees and racilized youth. Richardson's number one passion is supporting projects and teachings that educate.and empower young people while they in turn teach their community important lessons. She enjoys having long intense conversations with her dog, Oreo, who is a master listener and has no problem confronting her when she is being short sighted or stubborn.

George V.M. Manury

Windsor has been George Manury's hometown for fifty years though he has explored and lived across Canada. He has been a long standing part of the labour force, the music scene, has owned/operated three independent businesses in the city and spent two rewarding years at Bellewood Elementary School as a teacher's aide. Manury has worked with the WYC as a contractor and as a musician/recording engineer on youth projects as well as a successful play Anywhere but Here. George also collaborated as a musician/music director for the World Refugee Day celebration 2016 at Windsor's Capitol Theatre

Teajai Travis

Teajai Travis is the founder of The Bloomfield House open space art studio and is currently a board member at Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women, the Our West End Round Table and the WYC. He is a Community artist and activist with an extensive resume in grass roots community organizing in Windsor-Essex with a concentration in Sandwich Town. As part of his anti-oppression advocacy he is dedicated to identifying and promoting the utilization of safe public space. Teajai uses Art as a tool of social consciousness to amplify the voice of the disenfranchised. His mission is to make a positive contribution to the eradication of oppressive unjust systems by dedicating his life to building sustainable alternates.

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